Several years ago, inspired by some images on a forum I visited, I started looking through the digitized yearbook archives of American colleges, universities, and preparatory schools, looking for clothes that caught my eye. In 2020, I decided to start posting this content on Instagram under the name “Berkeley Breathes.” The reaction to the account was incredibly positive, ultimately leading to an interview at Put This On and other writing opportunities. As I gained more followers, I started to worry about the user experience for my followers, especially with the volume of images I was putting in my Instagram stories. I developed this newsletter as a way to cut down on the volume of stories I post on Instagram, and to give myself more space than I have available in an Instagram caption to write about the images I post.

While my Instagram presence will remain mostly unchanged, I hope you subscribe to this newsletter, or at least drop in now and then! You’ll find additional images, more analysis and commentary, guest posts, and, as time goes on, some longform essays and interviews. I’m very excited about the opportunities I have with this space, and am looking forward to bringing you great stuff. Enjoy!

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Berkeley Breathes

I joined Instagram in 2020 to share my #ownfind images from prep school and college yearbooks and offer my thoughts on Ivy style and culture.